Kennesaw, GA

"Josh is a real professional. He coordinates well with the efforts of other team members and always delivers a landscape plan of the highest visual quality."

John Doulgrakis (Civil Engineer)
President Doulgrakis & Associates
Perfectly selected ornamental trees, shrubs and grasses harmonize with rustic estate home. Tiered walls create outdoor spaces for this active Georgia family to play and entertain.
Landscape Design
Pool Design
Wall/Hardscape Design
Drainage Design

Special Features
Tiered walls with plantings
Waterslide and pool
The scale of the project, the opportunity for creativity, and the ability to work one-on-one with a client all contribute to Winter Design's enthusiasm for residential garden design.

Winter Design was hired by the Tylers to design a welcoming backyard retreat that managed a challenging site grade and included a swimming pool in a relatively small space.

Josh let the architectural style of the home and its predominant building materials set the tone for the garden. He used tiered walls with plantings to accommodate elevation changes and to make room for the pool. The terraced nature of the walls creates visual interest and special views of pathways, gates and steps.

This unique landscape plan with hardscape elements has created an outdoor room for the Tyler's and a main garden destination away from the house.