Joshua F. Winter, RLA, ASLA

"In my mind, I've walked the site a hundred times. I know what it looks like, sounds like and feels like. I've done my job when what I design is engaging, comfortable and plays on all the senses."

A commitment to practical solutions, quality design and hands-on project management are the hallmarks of Josh Winter's 20 plus year career and personal style. Josh hails from a small town in Iowa and brings with him an affable, easy manner combined with tenacity and a strong work ethic.

Josh's experience growing up in a small town is clearly felt in his landscape design. His plans – including masterplans, streetscapes, site amenities, and the use of green space – are distinguished by having multiple levels of social interaction and memorable details that create special focal points of human activity. Josh has the unique ability to turn ideas on paper into places that come alive.

When Josh is not working, or spending time with family, you can find him golfing or fishing..

Iowa State University
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

American Society of Landscape Architects
Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards
Georgia Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects
Georgia Registered Landscape Architect
Georgia Urban Forest Council
Level II Certified Professional Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission