Guiding Principles

Conserve and preserve natural, constructed and human rescources.

Protect financial well-being of clients and projects.

Foster multi-disciplinary cooperation among trades and professions.

Achieve high standards of care through regulatory compliance.

Understand and respect the human need to form bonds and build community.
We promise to conduct business openly, intelligently and with the sincere desire to contribute to a better built environment. That's what Winter Design is all about.
Winter Design understands how thoughtfully planned sites and well designed landscapes can transform people's lives and the outcome of a project. That is why we create environments that are useful, aesthetic and safe - and that people enjoy - because if people stay longer, spend more, and invest in their homes and communities, then the work we do contributes, in large part, to the success and sustainability of a project. Sustainable environments are environments that endure. They're economically viable solutions that serve the land well, respond to human needs and conserve resources.

We're also committed to making the design-development process as easy and seamless as it can be. We're big-picture thinkers and detail hawks, with the drive and ability to ensure the projects we design are delivered the way they were intended to be.